With Mobile-Based Microlearning and Learning Management System

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Your Top Career, in Your Hand mission is to support each employee’s learning journey throughout their career and improve the overall work competence in Indonesia by providing high-quality,  effective, and efficient online learning according to their career.

SKKNI Standar Kompetensi Indonesia

Why We Are Different understands that juggling the time between works and training is not easy.  Therefore, we provide the solutions as Mobile-Based Microlearning and Learning Management System. Both can be implemented as a standalone, but together they are guaranteed to increase your training effectivity and efficiency.

Mobile-Based Microlearning E-Learning System
" has helped us become one step closer to our dream, to make a corporate university in Mandala Multi Finance. With their agile work method and young professional teams, they delivered perfect Microlearning for our employees' learning journey."
HR Manager
Purwanto Hadityo
HR Manager of Mandala Academy

Our Aim

In you can learn more skills you need just in time, not just in case. Our features enable you to learn at your own pace, everywhere, everywhen, even in offline mode.

Because Conventional Training is NOT Effective

Have you ever experienced these employee training problems in your company?

  • Unmotivated employees to participate in training
  • More than half of the training cost goes to accommodation
  • No concrete training evaluation method
  • The training doesn’t improve the employees’ performance
  • High turn over rate making new employee training more time consuming

Our Impacts

Increase Speed of Development
More Engagement
More Effective
More Efficient
Less Cost
More Favored by L&D Professional

How We Achieve It as Knowledge Bridge

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