Create Your Own Learning Management System According to Your Needs

Full Control of Your Learning Management System

The powerful Moodle LMS can be customized according to your needs. Starting from the UI, adding features, and integrating with your HRIS. Available in the browser, desktop, and mobile app.

E-Learning System

Why Moodle?

Moodle is an open-source LMS used in 180.000 websites around the world. In Indonesia, there are more than 10.000 websites based on Moodle. The complete features to accommodate all training purposes is one of the reasons for its popularity. Furthermore, Moodle can be enhanced with customized plugins that are easy to make and use.

Our Moodle Services


We can give you personalized advice and recommendations according to your existing condition and needs. For example, implementing a set of features to increase user engagement.


We implement Moodle LMS to your server or Cloud server from scratch to ready to use. Therefore you have full ownership of the LMS.


Personalize your Moodle LMS with customization of the UI and UX Writing that fits the company’s brand and the targeted audience.

Course Creation

You don’t need to figure out how to make a course from scratch. We will create a master course that you can duplicate and have minimum adjustment.


Integrate your Moodle LMS with HRIS software to decrease administrative work and synchronize all data automatically.

Plugin Development

Create your own feature easily with the plugin development. It is quick to develop and easy to implement.

Mobile App

Make your LMS easily accessed from anywhere and anywhen. The app is white label and can be downloaded in Google Play Store.


Get free training for teachers and administrators if you use our implementation and customization services. The training content will be personalized to your needs.

Create Plugin According to Your Needs

If you already have a Learning Management System but want to add more features, have offers a service to make plugins just for you. The service includes the installation and the how-to-use training.

Examples of our plugin:

Personal Report

Personal Report

The detailed training report for each of the trainees. Equipped with an automatic summary that was written according to the trainees’ score.

Online Payment Gateway

For you who want to transform into a training center. Collaborated with Midtrans, we bring you an easy and quick online payment methods.

Voucher-Based Enrollment

Sell your courses with unique codes in vouchers for each user. You can freely choose which course to be included in a voucher.