Create Your Own Learning Management System According to Your Needs

Full Control of Your Learning Management System

Create learning management system (LMS) and set it according to your needs, from the looks to the functions. For internal employee use or for commercial purpose. Place it in your company server or in cloud. Available in any platform, Android, iOS, desktop and website.

E-Learning System


Monitor Training in Real Time

Each of trainee's progress can be monitored in real time from everywhere and everywhen from one place. Also equipped with charts and statistic to analyze training easier.


The grading for quiz and exam can be done automatically. Say good bye to tedious task of grading questions one by one.

Reward System

Motivate your trainees by giving them rewards like certificates, badges and gamification system. All granted automatically according to your settings.

Payment Gateaway

Want to commercial your training to public? Say no more! Our payment gateaway features can be used for all kinds of payment. Bank transfer, e-money and credit card, all in one place.

Personal Learning Journey

Upgrade your employees' competence with their own learning journey. Mapped in accordance to their career and skills. No more confused employees in choosing course.


Don't let your e-learning growth dependence on us, explore your e-learning to further suit your needs. We provide e-learning training both as administrator and trainer. Want suggestions? We are happy to help you.

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Cutting Edge Technology for LMS

As part of our value to be innovative, is always looking for new technologies to further enhance our services. One of our latest technology is Virtual Reality (VR) based Content.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology to make people feels like they are in virtual world. This technology can be used for training that needs hands-on experience, such as heavy equipment control training, cockpit, hospitality, harbor equipment, etc. Be the part of the early adapter in immersive hands-on training.