Transform Your Training Content into Mobile-Based Microlearning

What is it?

Mobile-Based Microlearning is a learning method that make a long topic into small pieces. Each piece can be learned in 5 minutes and already consisted of interactive contents such as visually-stunning explanation slide, several quizzes and animation video.

One day of conventional training can be converted about 1 hour of Microlearning or into 12 small pieces called 1 book.

Transformation Process is committed to give the best solution for your employee training. To ensure it, we have several process to be completed.


Reviewing Training Content

Our team are going to review the training content first to have a general idea of the content, the targeted audience and the purpose.


Interviewing Subject Matter Expert (SME)

One of our specialties is transforming the hard-to-understand content into simple and easy to understand Microlearning. To ensure that the content message is delivered well as intended, interview with SME is important.


Writing Draft and Script

The interview results will turn into storyboard where draft and script is written in Microlearning framework.


Visualizing Microlearning

To bring the right emotion of learning the content, our team will carefully choose a suitable mood board for each Microlearning book. Every draft will turn into stunning explanation slide and every script will turn into beautiful animation video.


Integration with E-Learning Mobile Application

The finished Microlearning is ready to be displayed at mobile application e-learning. You can use your own app or you can make a new one with us. Learn More about our Mobile App E-Learning

Proses Transformasi Mobile-Based Microlearning

Content Enrichment

Interactive Scenario

This content has many scenarios for a case study. The scenario flow, score, and ending can be different according to the user’s answer. Very suitable for deep analysis in managerial training.

Interactive Podcast / Video

Enrich your podcast with interaction to increase user engagement. You can also reuse old webinar videos to add the interaction. The interaction is available as mini quizzes with many forms, for example, multiple choices, fill in the blank, true or false, and more.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Get an immersive learning experience with VR. Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology to make the user feels like in the virtual world. This technology is suitable for hands-on experience training like heavy equipment training, cockpit, hospitality, and many more.

Explanation Slide

Transform your content to be more understandable and engaging. can help you to review the content and give suggestions to make your content more understandable. Relevant images will be added too.

Mini Quiz

Every Microlearning has several mini quizzes that are spread after 3-4 explanation slide. The quiz is easy to answer in order to motivate users and increase engagement.

Summary Video

This video usually placed at the end of Microlearning to sum up the content. Here, Subject Matter Experts also can give tips and tricks based on their experiences.

Why Microlearning?

  • Easy to Understand

    Our throughout transformation process make the content easier to understand, even for new employees. Transfer the expert knowledge easier and upskill all of your employees faster.

  • Automated Quiz

    Make your employee more engaged in learning by giving them fun quiz. The grade will be given automatically according to your setting. No more hassle in grading quiz one by one.

  • Accomodate Your Learning Skill

    We understand that people have different ways of absorbing information, either visual, audio or kinesthetic. Our Microlearning can accommodate to all and more.

Evaluasi dan Monitoring

Evaluation and Monitoring

Every Microlearning we make for you is going to be evaluated with Kirkpatrick Model. The evaluation is conducted before and after training to ensure the effectiveness for each Microlearning in your company.

This level measures the readiness of trainee to join the online training. The measurement will in survey that takes place before the training begins.

This level measures satisfaction from the training experience by survey questions. The survey will take place immediately after the training finished.

This level takes place one week after the training finished. Trainee will be asked about their work performance before and after training.

This level takes place three months after the training is finished. Trainee’s work behaviour will be observed and reported by having an interview with trainee’s immediate supervisor and trainer.