learn to Build Your Own Content
and E-Learning System


We offer to teach you our process of creating E-Learning. On each training, you will get:

Which of the following that fit your interest?

E-Learning Content Training

Intensive training for a month to create appealing and effective Microlearning

Course list:

  1. Why You Need Content Design
  2. How to Make Content Design in Microlearning
  3. Visualizing Microlearning
  4. Making Interactive Quiz
  5. Making Microlearning Video 
  6. Making Microlearning Animation
  7. Converting Microlearning to SCORM
  8. Project Based Learning

E-Learning System Training

Intensive training for a month to create LMS with complete features

Course list:

  1. Create Moodle Site for Free
  2. Manage Basic Site
  3. Professional Engagement
  4. Digital Resources
  5. Teaching and Learning
  6. Assessment
  7. Empowering Learners
  8. Facilitating Learners’ Digital Competence
  9. Project Based Learning

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