Customize Your E-Learning System According to Your Company Needs

Kustomisasi Sistem E-Learning

Use Your Brand for E-Learning provides an e-learning system customization according to company looks and needs.

You can use your own logo and color brand in the e-learning system to increase exclusivity.

Adjust our e-learning features according to your need. Get a minimal feature or get them all.

You can adjust them to suit all your employee training models.

Don’t worry! All of this customization only takes about one week. Fast to deploy and easy to use.

Suitable for a company that ready to tackles Industry 4.o.

E-Learning System Features

Monitor Training in Real Time

Each of trainee's progress can be monitored in real time from anywhere and any when


The grading for quiz and exam can be done automatically. Say good bye to tedious task of grading questions one by one

Discussion Forum

The forum feature can be used for discussion among trainees or between the trainer and trainee

Reward System

There are certificate, badges and gamification system as a way to motivate the trainees.

Available in Play Store

The e-learning system application can be downloaded easily via Google Play Store


We provide a training about how to use the e-learning system to company. We also help with e-learning consultation to maximize the e-learning features for your company.

Smart Dashboard provides plug-in for dashboard performance analysis and personal report after each employee training. Both are useful to give insights about training and provides information to support decision making.

Service - Dashboard HRD

Dashboard Performance

This dashboard will provide many information such as score, learning duration, percentage of finished topics, etc.

All information is displayed in graph to make it more appealing and easy to read.

Personalized Report

Personalized Reporting

Personalized Reporting acts as an individual evaluation after the training. This report is generated automatically after the training is finished.

This report helps give insights about trainee’s skill information.

Cutting Edge Technology for E-Learning is committed to give the latest technology for improving employee performance. For that, we also offer:

Virtual Reality Content

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology to make people feels like they are in virtual world. This technology can be used for training that needs hands-on experience, such as heavy equipment control training, cockpit, hospitality, harbor equipment, etc. offers the VR technology to be cooperated in e-learning system to make the immersive hands-on training content.

Virtual Reality (VR) menjadi solusi untuk training yang membutuhkan praktek langsung seperti training alat berat, kokpit, otomotif, perhotelan, alat pelabuhan dan lain sebagainya.