Transform Your Training Content into Mobile-Based Microlearning

Transformation Process is committed to give the best solution for your employee training. To ensure it, we have several process to be completed.


Review Training Content

The existing training content will be reviewed by our team in order to apply Microlearning principle.


Interview Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Our team will interview a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to further understanding the content and add tips and trick based on SME experience. The interview can take about 1-3 days depending on the content.


Writing Draft and Script

We will write a draft for the explanation text Microlearning and a script for video. This process usually takes 1-2 weeks depending to the content.


Video Making

Video can be made with full animation or an explanation video by SME. We’ll provide the needed equipment.


Making the Visual of Microlearning

Our team will add representative image to Microlearning content. This visual is appealing to increase trainee’s learning engagement.


Integration with E-Learning Mobile Application

The finished Microlearning is ready to be displayed at mobile application. Learn More about our Mobile App customization

Proses Transformasi Mobile-Based Microlearning
Evaluasi dan Monitoring

Evaluasi dan Monitoring

To ensure the employee training really improves the employee performance, offers an evaluation and monitoring service. This service is included in the Mobile-Based Microlearning transformation service.

The evaluation and monitoring are based on Kirkpatrick Evaluation. The result can be seen in dashboard performance and Personalized Reporting.

This level measures the readiness of trainee to join the online training. The measurement will in survey that takes place before the training begins.

This level measures satisfaction from the training experience by survey questions. They survey will take place immediately after the training finished.

This level takes place one week after the training finished. Trainee will be asked about their work performance before and after training.

This level takes place three months after the training is finished. Trainee’s work behaviour will be observed and reported by having an interview with trainee’s immediate supervisor and trainer.