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What is Microlearning?

Mobile-Based Microlearning is a small size learning method with a specific topic according to the user’s need by using smartphone.

This learning method is very flexible, users can learn from anywhere and whenever even in offline mode.

This method is suitable for employee training where they need to balance the work and learn time.

The users also can freely choose the learning topics that are relevant to their career. So they can improve their professional skills and work performance.

Why Microlearning?

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More Efficient
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More Preferred by L&D Department
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More Budget Friendly
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More Time Friendly

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Transfrom Into Mobile-Based Microlearning

We offered transformation of conventional employee training content into Mobile-Based Microlearning.

The training content wil be reviewed to ensure the content is well delivered. At this part, we need interview a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to give us the insight of the content. Learn More.

Our Content also has ready-made Microlearning contents for subscribe service. The contents are ranged from personal development to career-based contents.

These contents are approved by the professionals and based on Standar Kompetensi Kerja Indonesia (SKKNI).

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SKKNI E-Learning
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